Dairy Development Department under Government of Maharashtra is having 32 milk scheme in Maharashtra State. We are manufacturing Deshi Cooking Butter and Skimmed Milk Powder with the brand name “Aarey”.

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Tamil Nadu Cooperative Milk Producers Federation Ltd (TCMPF Ltd) is India’s fourth largest organization in Milk and Dairy related activities i.e. procuring, producing and marketing milk and milk products. It is owned by Tamil Nadu State Government which aims to facilitate the enormous farmer producing milk in having remunerative returns by procuring milk from them through 17 District Unions and cooperative societies which are prevalent in the state.

TCMPF Ltd also aspires to serve the interest of consumer by providing quality milk and milk products which are good value for money. It is exclusive marketing organization of ‘Aavin’ products.
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Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), is India’s largest food product marketing organisation. It is the Apex organisation of the Dairy Cooperatives of Gujarat which aims to provide remunerative returns to the farmers and also serve the interest of consumers by providing quality products which are good value for money.It is exclusive marketing organisation of ‘Amul’ and ‘Sagar’ branded products.


Chhattisgarh State Cooperative Dairy Federation is one of the largest Cooperative Dairy Federation in Chhattisgarh, owned and managed by milk producers of Chhattisgarh State. The State Dairy Federation was formed in the year 2013 which was previously known as Raipur Dudgh Sangh. Federation has over 82000 lts per day milk producers in over 665 Dairy Cooperative Societies at village level, functioning under 27 District Cooperative Milk Unions in Chhattisgarh State.

Our Motto is to provide the quality milk and milk products, thereby DEVBHOG – the upfront brand achieved an unmatched in quality and made available to consumers at most competitive prices.
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Aurangabad District Co-operative Milk Producers Union LTD

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‘Kolhapur Zilla Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh Ltd.’ is a prominent cooperative dairy with its popular brand ‘Gokul’. The dairy is established under Operation Flood on March 16, 1963 with a milk collection of 500 litres per day from 22 societies. Since then achieved many land marks in Milk Procurement, Extension, Animal Health, Breeding, Milk Processing, Product making and Marketing. At present Gokul has modern 7 lakh liters/day capacity dairy plants with 5 chilling centers having 4.25 lakh liters/day milk handling capacity with modern Packing Unit at Navi Mumbai.


Katraj Dairy was incorporated in 1960 with an intention of providing an organized facility of milk collection for the village level farmers situated in Pune district. Katraj Dairy started with milk collection of about 0.30 lakh (30.000) litres per day in the first year of operation and today, has steadily grown to over 2.00 lakh (0.20 million) liters per day and has a financial turnover of over Rs.300 crore.

Katraj Dairy has achieved ISO 22000:2005 & 14001-2015 certification from Det Norskey Veritus.

Katraj Dairy with its 8 chilling plants and 138 BMC spread almost all over the district has an installed milk handling capacity of over 5 lakh liters per day. The main plant at Katraj is equipped with modern Pasteurizer, homogenizer, Cream separator, Ghee processing, Milk Clarifier, Condense Milk Plant , Packing of milk and milk products and other quality testing devices and well equipped labs. Katraj Dairy has an installed processing capacity of 2 lakh (0.2 million) liters per day.

Katraj dairy manufactures & distributes milk and milk products like Toned milk, Double toned milk, Standardized Milk, Full cream milk, Cow & Buffalo Cream and Ghee, Shrikhand, Amrakhand, Malai Paneer,Low fat Paneer, Dahi Pouch,Dahi Cup, Flavoured Milk, Flavoured Lassi, Plain Lassi , JeeraTak, Plain Tak,Table Butter, Milk Powder, Softy Ice cream, Pedha, Khoa, Sterilized Flavoured milk in 200 ml bottle, Hard Ice-cream with different flavours in different pack sizes and Indian sweets.

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Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., have been determined and committed to the product and serve the quality of milk and milk products to their customers. The dudh sangh have been commercialized the following business activities:- 1) Milk Procurement: It is growing at a rate of 15 to 25 % per annum. In the year 2017-18, the average milk procured per day is 2,80,000 litters. 2) Marketing – The milk and milk products are marketed under the brand Krushna.

The milk and milk products are marketed in a far area of Mumbai, Pune, Kolhapur, Satara, Sangli and Kokan region of Maharashtra state through efficient distribution and marketing network. 3) Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd., (walwa taluka) registered on 30/12/1975 under the Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act. 1960. It is a taluka milk union operating in walwa taluka of sangli district covering 104 villages. 4) Rajaram Bapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd have installed 10MT per day capacity skimmed milk powder manufacturing plant at Islampur. Plant is designed and commissioned to qualify ISO 22k certification. SMP Plant will consist 4 stage evaporator and nozzle spray drier. Producing easily soluble Skimmed milk Powder with low bacterial load. Modern technology lab for SMP and butter testing is set up in SMP Plant having facility of testing all required chemical & Microbiological test for conforming quality of the product in the national and international market. Currently, SMP is been packed in 25kg bag for institutional consumption under brand name KRUSHNA. 5) Rajarambapu Patil Sahakari Dudh Sangh Ltd. is having Continues butter making machine of 5 mt per day capacity for butter manufacturing. Butter is packed in 20kg cartoon box. And stored in -18 degree Celsius in in-house cold storage This butter is used for ghee manufacturing or for institutional sale under Brand Name KRUSHNA.
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Maahi Milk Producer Company Limited is one of the largest member based milk producer company in India with more than 85,000 members (farmers) in Saurashtra & Kutch region of Gujarat. The Company’s current kitty of products consists of Skimmed Milk Powder, Ghee, White Butter, Milk, Butter Milk, Dahi, and Sweets under the Maahi brand name. Presently, the Company’s sales and distribution network is spread across Saurashtra & Kutch region and in Ahmedabad and Surat cities of Gujarat.

All endeavours are being made to expand the presence of Maahi’s products in other prominent cities of Gujarat along with enlarging the Company’s basket of products.
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Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Dudh Mahasangh Maryadit is an Apex Federation of District / Taluka milk unions established to implement the Operation Flood programme in the state of Maharashtra. The main objectives of MRSDMM is to procure milk from the member milk unions at remunerative rates and distribute the same to the consumers at reasonable rates. MRSDMM is thus working as a vital link between the milk producers and consumers and working for the economic development and upliftment of the farmers in the rural areas.

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The Jharkhand State Co-operative Milk Producer’s Federation Limited When the famous White Revolution of the seventies and eighties – Operation Flood – swept through the country, Jharkhand, then a part of undivided Bihar served merely as a market and saw little of its benefits. Even though India stood self-sufficient in milk production, the eastern state of Jharkhand still depends on import of milk from other states.

It was only in June 2013 when Jharkhand State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation was formed by the Government of Jharkhand, with an aim to promote dairying as a source of livelihood in the rural parts of the state and propel Jharkhand towards self-reliance in milk and milk products. As the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) is credited with bringing about white revolution in the Country, making the country self-sufficient in milk production, the Government of Jharkhand decided to approach NDDB, to support dairy development in Jharkhand. The NDDB and the Government of Jharkhand joined hands under an MOU in March 2014, which provides for NDDB to manage the Jharkhand State Milk Federation (JMF) and implement various dairy development programme in the State, initially for a period of five years. Accordingly, NDDB took over the management of JMF in April 2014 and started the milk procurement, processing and marketing activities after taking over the existing Government Dairy at Ormanjhi in August 2014 and two other dairies at Deoghar and Koderma in September 2014. NDDB also agreed to lend its brand “Mother Dairy” – which is renowned for its high quality milk and milk products in the country – to support local brand “Medha” to get established and capture a reasonable share of the Jharkhand Milk market….”
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Kerala Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (KCMMF) was formed in 1980 as a state adjunct of the National Dairy Programme ‘Operation Flood’. It is a three-tiered organization. At the grassroots level MILMA has 3315 Anand model primary milk Cooperative societies as on 28.02.2019 with 9.77 lakh local milk producing farmers as members. These primary societies are grouped under three Regional Cooperative Milk Producers’ Unions viz TRCMPU for Thiruvananthapuram region, ERCMPU for Ernakulam region and MRCMPU for Malabar region.

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Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy was set up in 1974, as a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) of India. Brand Mother Dairy sources a significant part of its requirement of liquid milk from dairy cooperatives and village level farmer centric organizations. The Company is committed to uphold institutional structures that empower milk producers and farmers through processes that are equitable. A significant portion of its income is ploughed back into the value chain to support and maintain the system.

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Karnataka Milk Federation (KMF) is the largest Cooperative Dairy Federation in South India, owned and managed by milk producers of Karnataka State. During the last four decades the dairy industry in Karnataka has progressed from a situation of milk-scarcity to that of milk-surplus. It markets its products under the Nandini brand name.


The Southern Regional Station of ICAR- National Dairy Research Institute (SRS of ICAR-
NDRI), Bengaluru a pioneering institution in dairying, had its genesis as Imperial Institute of
Animal Husbandry and dairying on 1 July 1923. The Imperial Dairy Research institute was
renamed as Indian Dairy Research Institute after independence and further recognised
in1955 and renamed as National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) with its headquarters at
Karnal, Haryana and the Institute at Bengaluru became the Southern Regional Station. ICAR-
NDRI was conferred deemed University status in 1989 and it is recognised as a premier
institution in Asia for providing quality dairy education.

The research work at SRS of ICAR – NDRI, Bengaluru has yielded significant results in the
area of dairy production, processing, quality assurance and management, which has
provided inputs for dairy development in the country and yielded several high quality
publications and technologies available for adoption and commercialisation. The research in
the dairy processing section of SRS ICAR- NDRI during the year includes development of
various functional dairy products incorporating micro and nano-encapsulated bioactive
principals, process standardisation of indigenous dairy products and innovative packaging
technologies for improved quality and shelf life, mechanisation of dairy processing
operations through small and medium scale equipment and elucidation of functional
attributes of milk and milk products. The station is also equipped with an Experimental dairy
Plant with facilities to process milk into a variety of products, while also providing the
necessary infrastructure for experimentation on new product/process development.
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Parag (Gangol)

Gangol Sahkari Dudh Utpadak Sangh Ltd. (Gangol Duss) is a unit of PCDF Ltd Lucknow. Situated at Gangol Road Partapur Meerut. Our Brand Name is PARAG. We manufacture Paneer, Khoya, Ghee, Butter, SMP, WMP, Whie Butter). It is certified organization I.S/ I.S.O. 22000:2005

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Parag (Lucknow)

Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh. Total area of district is 2528 square km. 91588 hectare is cultivated land. Wheat and rice is the main agriculture production of district. 69% of farmers are small and medium level farmers who have about 1 acre land each. Lucknow Producers Cooperative Milk Union Ltd. (Parag Dairy Lucknow) was established in 1938. Lucknow Milk Union is the first Co-operative Dairy established in India. Very few people know the fact that the process

developed by Lucknow Milk Union was later used in spirit in Gujarat co-operative milk movement and is now famous as ‘Anand Pattern’. Lucknow Milk Union was then chosen as one of the model dairy to implement Operation Flood Programme started by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) in 1970. Present handling capacity of plant is 1, 50,000. The aim of Lucknow Milk Union is to provide reasonable price to farmers thereby defending them from exploitation of milk vendors and earn supplementary income apart from agriculture. On the other hand the Milk Union supplies high quality pure Milk & Milk Products at reasonable prices to urban consumers under the brand name ‘’PARAG’’.
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Paayas Milk Producer Company Limited set up in 2012 and is one of the largest member based milk producer company in India with more than 97000 producer members (farmers) in state of Rajasthan. Paayas, is committed to increase the income of their members by reducing the cost of milk production and enhancing their milk business. The Company’s current kitty of products consists of Bulk Milk, Poly Pack Milk, Ghee, Butter Milk and Dahi, under the Paayas brand name. Presently, the Company’s sales and distribution network is spread across 11 districts of Rajasthan.[/read_more]

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Late. Bhausaheb Santuji Thorat, cooperative born and great freedom fighter set up The Sangamner Taluka Cooperative Milk Producers and Processing Union at Sangamner district Ahmednagar on 12.11.1977. In earlier days the Unions per day average milk collection from 19 milk societies was 1500 liters. Presently the Union collects 2.76 lakhs liters of milk per day. The union is stated a cheese plant having 1 MT per day capacity which will be further expanded to 10 MT per day capacity.

While milk, milk products, and Rajhans Aqua are selling in and outside the state, Cheese will be made available in and outside the country. High quality milk required in production of cheese is being collected from bulk coolers and hence initial cost incurred on it has been recovered.
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MP State Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd (MPCDF) is the apex body of the 3 tier dairy cooperative structure in the State of Madhya Pradesh for organized dairy development. The First Tier ? Village level Dairy Cooperative Societies- the DCSs, Second Tier ? Central Society i.e. Cooperative Milk Unions, and Third Tier ? Apex Society i.e. MPCDF has become the mainstay for almost all dairy development activities in the State. Indore Sahakari Dugdh Sangh Maryadit,

Indore affiliated to MPCDF,with the brand name of “SANCHI” is collecting, processing and marketing liquid milk & milk products covering Indore, Dewas, Dhar, Khargone, Khandwa, Badwani, Burhanpur, Jhabua & Alirajpur district. In 1982, the main Dairy plant located at Chanda Talawali, Manglia, Indore was commissioned. Presently, the infrastructure at Indore milk union comprises 2.60 LLPD capacity Dairy Plant at Indore 12 MT SMP plant 5 Mt per day manufacturing capacity plant each for Butter & Ghee at Indore​.​
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Rajasthan Cooperative Dairy Federation Ltd. (RCDF) set up in 1977 as the implementing agency for dairy development programmes in Rajasthan. The Federation is a State level apex co-operative organization owned by its member unions each of which, in turn, is owned the dairy co-operative societies in its area of operation which are themselves owned by farmer members

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Shivamrut Cooperative Milk Producer’s Union was established on 27th January, 1976 under the Co-operative Societies Act. Initially five talukas from Solapur District, Maharashtra State in India namely Malshiras, Sangola, Pandharpur, Mangalwedha and Karmala were brought under the operational area of this Milk Union. Presently the activities of this Milk Union are mainly concentrated within Malshiras taluka and its surrounding villages thereby covering 236 village collection centres. On the ideological lines of the Late SAHAKAR MAHARSHI SHANKARRAO MOHITE-PATIL and under the valuable guidance of Hon. Shri. Vijaysinh S. Mohite-Patil, along with the Board of Directors, this organization is continuously marching ahead on the path of progress. Due to effective implementation of this program, income generated from Dairy business tuned to Rs. 250 crores annually in this area, thereby creating self-employments to about 40,000 rural families within this taluka.

OBJECTIVES OF SHIVAMRUT CO-OPERATIVE MILK PRODUCERS’ UNION The Milk Union is offering to the beneficiaries a package deal of basic necessities to meet different needs, to the milk producers in procurement, marketing of milk, biological and medicinal inputs, cattle feed etc.
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Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation Ltd.(COMFED) was established in 1983 as the implementing agency of operational Flood programme of dairy development on ”Anand” pattern in Bihar. There are six district level Milk Producers’ Cooperative Unions affiliated to the Milk Federation. These Milk unions are covering thirty three districts and in addition five districts are being covered by the Federation. COMFED markets its products under the brand “SUDHA”.

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The Punjab State Cooperative Milk Producers’ Federation Ltd popularly known as Milkfed Punjab, came into existence in 1973 with a twin objective of providing remunerative milk market to the Milk Producers in the state by value addition and marketing of produce on one hand and to provide technical inputs to the milk producers for enhancement of milk production on the other hand. The Federation became active in the year 1983 when all the milk plants of the erstwhile

Punjab Dairy Development Corporation Ltd were handed over to cooperative sector and the entire state was covered under Operation Flood to give the farmers a better deal and for customers better products. Milkfed Punjab has continuously advanced towards its coveted objectives well defined in its byelaws.
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The Telangana State Dairy Development Co-operative Federation limited is involved in procurement of milk from Dairy farmers by paying remunerative price and supplying the same after processing to the consumers at an affordable price. The Federation is marketing an array of milk and milk products under the brand of VIJAYA Telangana which is known for its quality since decades. The Federation is reckoned as one of the best in the state for supplying quality Milk and Milk Products. The Federation is selling Milk, wide range of products like Ice Creams, Doodhpeda, Sterilized Flavoured Milk, Butter Milk, Lassi, Curd, Ghee etc., serving to millions of consumers daily at an affordable price.

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Jalgaon Jilha Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Sangh Maryadit, Jalgaon or Jalgaon Milk Union is an independent district level, leading Cooperative Milk Union of Maharashtra, established under Operation Flood scheme of Government of India. The milk union is known for procuring best quality milk and producing quality products. The milk union is known by the brand “Vikas”.

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Visakha Dairy

Sri Vijaya Visakha Milk Producers Company Ltd (Visakha Dairy) was established in the year 1973 under Co-operative Societies Act and commissioned dairy plant at Akkireddypalem, Visakhapatnam with 50,000 LPD handling capacity in the year 1977. Visakha Dairy is one of the fastest growing Milk & Milk Products Manufacturing Company having plants at Visakhapatnam and Rangampeta (EG) in Andhra Pradesh. Both the plants are equipped with the State of the Art Technology

and are ISO 22000:2005 certified. Presently both the plants have capacity to handle upto 9 Lakh litres per day. Visakha Dairy manufactures all variants of Dairy Products viz. Fresh Milk, UHT, Extended Shelf Life Milk, Aseptic Flavoured Milk, Curd, Cream, Butter Milk, Lassi, Dhood peda, Badam Burfi, Milk Cake, Mysore Pak, Kalakand, Mistidoi, Ghee, Low Cholesterol Ghee , Panner, Butter, SMP, Yoghurt etc and sold in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Orrissa and Chattisgarh markets. Company crossed turnover of Rs.1000 crore with CAGR of 14%. Established Training Centre and imparting training to farmers in the areas of clean milk programme, Nutritional aspects, Fodder requirements and Animal Health Care. Attaching importance to animal health, established 633 Veterinary Health Centres equipped with required infrastructure, staff and supplying the required veterinary medicines at 50% subsidy. Necessary Infrastructure created to improve breed development thru Artificial Insemination with successful cross breed semen imported from National Dairy Development Board, Goushala. 7 Mobile Veterinary Service Vehicles equipped with medicines accompanied by veterinary doctors extends services covering more than 25 villages every day. Cattle feed plants with more than 400 MT per day of feed capacity are organized and supplying cattle feed to farmers at subsidized rates. To improve quality and reduce risk of spoilage, logistics, constructed more than 100 Bulk Milk Cooling Centres covering every 10 kms radius
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Vita (Hissar-Jind)

The Hissar-Jind Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union Ltd was established in February 1969 at Jind. It is spread over 18 acres of land and employing about 480 people as work force. It is affiliated to the Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. that markets the brand “Vita”. The objective of the Union is to improve the socio economic status of the milk producers by giving them a platform for doing business of dairy milk and providing a ready and easily available

market for their entire produce. It has 800 village cooperative societies under its operation with total membership of more than 30850 milk producers. The Plant has presently working capacity of 1.5 lakh liters per day with 100% capacity utilization. This plant is also registered under FSSAI by Govt. of India. It is also a certified unit by BIS for ISO 9001:2008 & 22005:2005. Present turnover of the plant is about Rs.180 crores and handling about 1.5 lakhs liters of milk per day.
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Vita (Sirsa)

The Sirsa Dist. Cooperative Milk Producer’s Union Ltd. Organizational details The Sirsa District Cooperative Milk Producer’s Union Ltd. Sirsa, Haryana is one of the six affiliated unions of Haryana Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd. It was established in the year 1978 as cooperative organization to improve the socio-economic status of milk producers of district Sirsa. The union has established itself as market leader in dairy business in the district over period of 35 years

through production and marketing of its various milk products. Vita brand is registered to FSSAI & Vita Milk Plant is also ISO Certified Unit. The milk collection network of union is presently consisted of 291 functional registered DCS or milk collection enters benefiting about 27900 milk farmers in 225 villages of district Sirsa. The milk is collected through 30 routs including 6 BMC routs. The milk marketing network of union is consisted of 32 distributors, 250 retailers and 20 milk booths. The major activities of the union are: a. To procure milk from farmers through village level DCS and provide various input facilities for betterment of milk producers, their cattle?s and operation of DCSs. b. To process the milk and produce & market different milk products viz; milk, ghee, White butter, Lassi, Paneer, Kajju pinni, SMP, Besan ladoo, Kheer & Chhach etc. c. To organize training and orientation programmes for milk producers, DCS staff, DCS management committee and union staff. d. To cover milk producers and their family members under various social welfare like Kanyadan, school going children scholarship and insurance schemes. Milk procurement:- a. The annual milk procurement of union was 33300 MT during 2017-18 with an average of 91000 kg per day. b. To provide assistance to Milk Cooperative Societies & Milk Supplier received under centre & State Govt. Schemes time to time.
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Shree Warana Dairy is one of the successful co-operative dairy which was established in 1968 with noble purpose of providing an additional income to the farmers. This revolutionary movement crossed the turnover of Rs.900 crores per annum. The dairy has most hygienic plant of milk processing with the capacity of 10 lakh litres per day which is ISO 9001-2008 and HACCP certified. Milk Powder is being exported to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sarah, African Countries, Bangladesh and China.

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